01 May, 2018

The dream mile finishes off this years Oslo Bislett Games

Take the reigning Olympic champion, the World champion and the European champion, and add yet another European champion. Then you have a major part of the field for the dream mile at this year's Oslo Bislett Games. And among these runners you will find two Norwegians; Filip and Henrik Ingebrigtsen.

Right now, Filip is probably the best of the brothers for the 1609 classic meters that is always on the Bislett program.

Among those who are confirmed for this year's race you will find last year's World champion at 1500 meters Elijah Manangoi from Kenya, the reigning Olympic and indoor World champion at 1500 meters; American Matthew Centrowitz and the two Norwegian brothers.


- Means a lot

- Of course, it means a lot to run the dream mile at Bislett, says Filip.

- It's a traditional race, and the Oslo Bislett Games is an important meeting for the Norwegians to meet world class athletes on home soil.

- And I think we have lot of athletes to show the world this year!

- What has this classical race meant for your career?

- I have studied videos of former stars who has run inhumanly fast at Bislett. These races created my interest and fascination for middle distance, he says.

- More predictable


This year, Filip will defend the European title at 1500 meters in Berlin, as well as running against the world elite in the IAAF Diamond League-meetings.

- The differences between an IAAF Diamond League-meeting and a championship race are many. The biggest is perhaps that you know to a greater or lesser degree exactly what happens in an IAAF Diamond League-race. It's fast from the start and there is little tactical running.
- A championship race can, however, be both quick and slow from start, and not least, with a lot of tactics. Both have their charm, but the goal is always the same: To get to the finish line first, Filip says.